Download the Backbeach Software Medical Record Viewer installer here.

To download, click on 'Download Self Installer'

Download Self Installer : Run this to extract and install the application.

Download zipped self installer : Unzip and run this to install the application (use this if you can't run the self-installer).

Download installed directory : Use this if you can't run the self-installer. If you unzip and save the contents of this on your hard drive, you will have a setup installation. Click on CDAViewer.exe to run the application.

Self Installer Instructions

Internet Explorer will show the following:

Click on 'Run' to have the browser start the installation for you.

Click on 'Run' to start the installation.

This prompt is a warning, but it is safe to click on 'Yes' to start the installation.

You will then be presented with the installer prompts. Click 'Next', choose your options, then click 'Finish'. The Viewer can now be used.

If you have any problems, please email us at

21 Dec 2016